Case Studies

This is where we list our Case Studies. Some of our clients prefer to stay private, and we respect their privacy.


Reducing Cloud costs for a Zurich-based FinTech Startup by 99%

  • Zurich-based FinTech company focusing on Real Estate tokenization solutions.
  • Bringing a Blockchain solution to the world of traditional real estate financing.
  • An internal B2B product with a long development cycle before launch (12-18 months).

Tags: FinTech , Real Estate , Blockchain , Zurich , Switzerland , Cloud

Reducing Cloud costs for an AI Medical Tech company by over 95%

  • US-based Medical Tech company focusing on AI / ML solutions for Chronic diseases.
  • Working with labs across US East Coast, US West Coast, and Western Europe to train ML models over many Terabytes of data.
  • Substantial "Peaks" and "Valleys" in Cloud infrastructure usage, subject to operating times.

Tags: Healthcare , Medical Tech , Health Tech , AI , Machine Learning , Cloud