Reducing Cloud costs for a Swiss-based FinTech Startup by 99%


Revolutionizing cost efficiency, our strategic Serverless architecture slashed a Swiss FinTech startup's cloud expenses by an astonishing 99%.


Company information

  • Swiss-based FinTech company focusing on innovative Blockchain solutions.
  • Bringing a Blockchain solution to the world of traditional real estate financing.
  • An internal B2B product with a long development cycle before launch (12-18 months).


A Swiss-based FinTech company with a unique idea in the Real Estate financing market was seeking an end-to-end solution while ensuring costs remain low during their pre-launch period. Existing solutions worked well but incurred significant costs for an early stage startup.
Another issue was the development environments which had to be shared between developers to reduce costs.
This created a bottleneck for testing and QA, as each feature had to be tested and iterated on sequentially.


With many years of Serverless experience, we found an ideal match between the company's requirements and what Severless had to offer.
We've designed an architecture that is both flexible enough to scale according to B2B needs without any maintenance overhead, while still having the ability to create separate development environments for each developer.
This in term created a completely automated and maintenance-free hosting and development architecture for a fraction of the cost.
Total cost savings were over 99.65%


  • Cloud Computational costs were reduced by 99.9%
  • Cloud Storage costs were reduced by 98.87%
  • Each developer was granted their own development / staging environment, thereby removing any bottlenecks for testing & QA.
  • Total Cloud infrastructure costs were reduced by 99.65% !